FM 2.0 - More than Facility Management

Process-orientated services with industrial expertise

Focus on your core business and leave the building and production facility services to us. We combine technical services to ensure your success. This is what we call FM 2.0.

Our range of services pursues a clear goal: to help you increase your efficiency. The result: lower operating costs, which has a lasting effect in making your company more successful.

Our service concepts are aligned entirely with the specific conditions at your company. Our network of regional branch offices which were right where our customers need us and which cater to many industrial sectors allow us to guarantee flexibility, proximity to the customer and quick response times.

  • Aviation and aerospace
  • Raw materials
  • Pharmaceuticals/chemicals
  • Metal-working industry
  • Plastics processing industry
  • Food and luxury foods
  • Energy
  • Construction machinery
  • Mechanical and systems engineering
  • Commerce
  • Household appliances/consumer electronics
  • Real estate