Our Companies

Experience and combined expertise

Our services provide for a perfect working environment. DIW is a reliable and experienced partner who precisely understands the demands of the industry.

Benefit from the know-how of our specialists's expertise:

DIW Instandhaltung GmbH

For more than 50 years, DIW Instandhaltung GmbH has been offering comprehensive technical services for the industrial sector. About 3,500 employees work at over 30 locations throughout Germany to deliver perfect customer solutions. Our core competences are facility management, maintenance and technical cleaning.

DIW Mechanical Engineering GmbH

Our specialist for production maintenance, mechanical engineering as well as systems technology and utilities. We want to make sure all of your production operations run smoothly. The goal of more than 300 employees is to perfectly support and continuously optimize production processes. Our many years of experience guarantee a high level of service quality.

DIW Aircraft Services GmbH

Aircraft production and production-related services are the task of DIW Aircraft Services GmbH founded in 2010. The company exclusively and specifically caters to the needs of the aviation industry.