Providing services for nearly 50 years

Establishment of "Kessel-
reinigungsgesellschaft Reichen-
berger & Co.", heating and waterboiler cleaning.

In the 1960s
Emergence of a new type of service: regular, professional external maintenance of machinery and equipment.
First industrial customer: Daimler Benz, Gaggenau plant, paint shop cleaning. Change of name to Deutsche Industriewartung GmbH, Reichenberger & Co.

In the 1970s
Continuous technical training of employees. Network of locations all over Southern Germany. New major customers include: AEG, Audi, BASF, BMW, Bosch, Bundesbahn, IBM, MBB and Siemens.

In the 1980s
Salamander and Voith acquire DIW. DIW Austria is established.

In the 1990s
the service range is expanded to include preventative maintenance planning for IT systems, filtration of coolants and lubricants, paint shop services, chip removal services for machine tools. Innovative technical cleaning techniques, e.g. dry ice blasting.

In April, Voith AG increases its shareholding in DIW Deutsche Industriewartung AG. In October, the new business area "Industrial Services" becomes the fourth group division entitled "Voith Industrial Services".

Establishment of the "Industries" division at Voith Industrial Services: the company now provides industry-neutral process-orientated services under the brand name DIW.

Incorporation of DIW Mechanical Engineering, the specialist for production maintenance.

Founding of DIW Aircraft Services, which provides services for aircraft construction.

Expansion of business activities in the field of energy efficiency.

DIW is celebrating its 50th anniversary!

The publicly listed construction group STRABAG SE acquires DIW Instandhaltung Ltd. & Co. KG for integration into its property and facility services division STRABAG PFS.